We believe that continuity and quality of the resistance seam weld can only be guaranteed if both MeltingTogehter and the customer are fully involved. Confidence and a shared responsibility are essential.

Welding Support

Our company’s goal is to work preventatively. So make a plan (see consultancy) and follow this. But, of course, you can also rely on our support in case of unexpected disturbances in your production process. We supply the welding equipment for the machine and our welders repair the machine’s parts to ensure smooth operation.
We offer remote assistance or plan a visit. In a real partnership, we think it is important to share knowledge. Therefore we always help to provide the information you need to solve disturbances and conduct daily maintenance yourself.



Reducing scrap

  • 1. A drum maker customer had drum welding machines in his plant (Newcor, Britisch Federal and Mechatronic).
  • 2. They produced a lot of scrap and asked us to visit and make a plan.
  • 1. We visited the customer and they told us, they had around 40% scrap. We analyzed the machines.
  • 2. We saw that the machines where heavily polluted. We advised to clean the machines and renew insulation, which reduced the scrap to 5%
  • 3. In the plan we made clear the key item was replacing wear parts. We delivered the wear parts and customer installed them. After that machines where running properly.