Welding Head after overhaul by MeltingTogether
Worn out Welding Head before overhaul

Coil welding machines repair

Repair of welding heads, shears, clamps, upgrades (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and cooling) or complete coil welding machine lines. Recurrent overhaul makes your production process stable and is always an opportunity to improve existing parts.

Newcor drum welding machine after overhaul
Newcor drum welding machine before overhaul

Drum welding machines repair

With a repair you hold on to high-quality engineering of some existing parts and renew other items to the current technical standards. This way you get the highest quality and save money. We can overhaul complete machines but also separate parts. We are renowned for our keen and profitable process.


Coil welding machine parts

Most welding parts are on stock in a welder parts warehouse. In our experience, welding machine parts often don’t have the right measurements or quality. Disturbances in your production process cause high extra costs and downtime. MeltingTogether knows what you need, your advantage, high quality, and one responsible party. We are your single point of contact.

Drum welding machine parts

Most of our customers have several plants with equal machines. It is possible to buy complete assemblies (for example a knurlhouse) and stock them with us or centralized. When you change the complete assembly, you have less downtime and we can overhaul the changed part for you.

Consultancy & Support

Welding Consulting Services and Training

Our welding consultants have years of experience and will give you the very best relevant advice. They will be able to answer your questions in depth and give you the best advice on maintenance and repair of seam welding machines and their processes.

Welding Machine Support

We learned that a reliable production process demands a well-designed and well-managed process. Nowadays support needs to be efficient. We believe that you as a customer must be able to do most things yourself and can use our support and knowledge for specialized questions. If desired, we can give instructions, train your team, and provide on-site or remote welding support.