We believe the high quality and continued effectiveness of resistance seam welds can only be guaranteed if both MeltingTogether and the customer are fully involved.

Your expertise and our knowledge can combine to create the best solution for the seam welding overhaul and seam welding process.

No matter where you are in the world, we aim to make all our partnerships the easiest and smoothest of experiences – from first enquiry, right through to delivery.

We provide consultancy for the following

  • Repair
    • Troubleshooting
    • Machine status and measurement check
    • Advice on the repair of seam welding machines
    • Drawing up contingency plans
    • Part replacement
    • Advice on spare parts stocking
    • Welding maintenance plans
  • Production Processes
    • How to optimize the welding process
    • How to consolidate the welding process
    • Advanced welding training
    • Training your teams for effectiveness
    • How to monitor efficiency in resistance seam welders
  • Renewing Your Machine Line

    Maybe you’re not sure which welding machine is the best for you. MeltingTogether welding specialists would love to give you independent advice before you purchase new equipment.

    Our consulting services provide bespoke advice for users and seam welder manufacturers. Our consultants and technical engineers draw up a custom-made plan for your specific seam welding process and seam welding machine repairing.

Our Process

  • Introduction
    • We like to work with companies we believe in
    • Online orientation meeting to outline the issue
    • Information exchange. Request for information (RFI) if required.
  • Operational
    • MeltingTogether hosts a discussion with your team
    • A visit to your facility is arranged to examine the current maintenance process
    • We will then provide an evaluation of your seam welding machine
    • Is our support team needed? Is there a local team that can handle the welder machine repair?

    Updating your coil joining welder with refurbished or new components such as weld shears, seam welding wheels, pivot clamps or welding heads will add years to an existing machine. If the scope of work is clear, we’ll offer the most competitive quote for the new parts you need.

  • Welding Training & Workshops

    If you would like to ensure a high quality, safe welding maintenance process, we recommend offering your team welding training to take them to the next level.

    • We provide quality welding engineer training courses to the largest companies in our industry.
    • With our workshops, you can learn how to keep your machine efficient or optimized for the best welding process.
    • We can arrange training courses for your production, maintenance or management teams and will gladly offer further training if needed.


Customer advising


  • 1. A new customer from the steel industry called us regarding their cold welds. The cold welds had already caused them to stop production which in turn was costing them a lot in orders.
  • 2. The customer wanted to know if we could supply an urgent overhaul of the welding heads, complete with a pneumatic gearbox for the weld wheel drive.
  • 1. The customer ordered an overhaul and sent us the components and the drawings we needed.
  • 2. We dismantled the components, carried out the inspection, and sent the report with a cost quote to the customer.
  • 3. The customer agreed and requested we carry out the overhaul. The line was up and running again within 5 days.
  • 4. We then arranged a visit to their facility to evaluate the lines and speak about our consultancy options.
  • 5. The rest is history, the consultation was carried out and now the line is fully functioning without issue with accurately planned maintenance and support provided.
Consultation after inspection


  • 1. The weld connecting two coils of steel broke during the production process. This meant there was a lot of production downtime, which in turn loses the business money.
  • 2. The customer worked with several specialists but when they solved one part of the problem, another problem seemed to occur.
  • 3. The production process was clearly unreliable.
  • 4. The downtime caused issues with delivering to customers and high costs.
  • 1. MeltingTogether agreed to step in, as long as we could be fully involved. The customer agreed and requested us as consultants. First, we created a request for information about the machine, the materials it produces, the problems the customer was facing and when the problems were occurring.
  • 2. After analyzing the information, we came up with an advisory report.
  • 3. MeltingTogether gave a presentation to the board in which we explained 3 phases:
    Phase 1: Optimizing the welding process
    a. Which problems do we see and how can we fix them?
    b. How can we ensure the quality and reliability of the weld in the future after implanting this phase?
    MeltingTogether should be solely responsible for everything that affects the maintenance, service and optimizing of the coil welding machine. Delivering parts, drawing up seam welding maintenance plans, restocking spare parts all come under this responsibility.
    Phase 2: Consolidate the costs for a quality and reliable welding process
    Phase 3: Training maintenance, production and management teams to ensure the best welding process for the future!