Our parts experts are familiar with the construction details of your machine and in the absence of drawings, they can work out the specifications on location.

Our experts will ensure that you receive the highest quality parts made especially for your system.We never just duplicate existing parts. We analyze wear and tear or damage, because defects may be caused by components other than the part itself. This can have disastrous consequences for other functionalities in the production process. If necessary, we will organize ultra-fast delivery.

MeltingTogether can also organize your stock of wear parts (for example welding wheels) of the coil welder. The advantages for you are:

  • High quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Low stock costs

Below you find a list of parts that we deliver. If your part is not mentioned please contact us to see what we can do for you.


Double Cut Shear

Delivery of new double cut shear unit:

  • 1. Customer was facing problems with the quality of his weld. This was caused by the condition of the double cut shear.
  • 2. The frame of the double cut shear was worn out and corroded
  • 3. The shear knifes where filled out with shims. Therefore the lifetime of the shear knifes was shorter and this caused the shear making burrs in the metal.
  • 1. Since there was no spare double cut shear available, we advised to make a new double cut shear.
  • 2. We made a new engineering of the double cut shear. Important in our engineering is the tolerance of the knives (how thinner the material how more critical this is). This made it easier to change the shear in the line.
  • 3. After testing in our special test frame, we installed the new double cut shear in the line and overhauled the shear we removed.

Profiling machine

New profiling machine for welding machines.

  • 1. The weld wheels where dressed in the coil welder. This causes pollution of copper chips in the line, which leads to insulation problems that influence the weld.
  • 2. Customer wanted to profile his welding wheels outside the line with tooling that ensures the quality of the weld.
  • 1. Engineering and building a new profiling machine dedicated to the welding wheel of the customer.
  • 2. Important is to dress the right shape of the welding wheel. For this purpose, a stable machine (no vibrations), no height oscillations in the weld wheel, and the right cutting tool are essential. If the welding wheel does not have the right form, it influences your overlap and therefore your weld.


Of course we can deliver parts according to a drawing and with our expertise we will always check tolerances and materials used. But in our business, delivery of parts sometimes requires more (drawings are missing, parts are no longer available, innovation is needed etc). And exactly that is where we make the difference. We have the following process and you can choose which steps you want to take.

Engineering (Drawing is missing, Drawing is incorrect or innovation is needed)

  • 1. The process starts with a inquiry of the customer
  • 2. MeltingTogether reviews the inquiry and if needed asks for additional information. For example:
    • a. Drawings
    • b. Specification of requirements (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, cooling, etc.)
    • c. What is the reason for changing part (preventive, problem, innovation etc.)
  • 3. MeltingTogether offers a price for inspection on site (if needed)
  • 4. Melting Together provide inspection on site (if needed)
  • 5. MeltingTogether offers a budget price for new engineering
  • 6. If the price for new engineering is agreed, the customer sends an order to MeltingTogether.
  • 7. Engineering starts.
  • 8. When engineering is completed MeltingTogether presents it to the customer.
  • 9. Customer is able to give comments.
  • 10. If MeltingTogether and customer agree on the customer’s comments. These are worked out in the engineering. Step 8 will follow.
  • 11. When the engineering is final, MeltingTogether offers a price for making the product.

Producing the Product

  • 1. The making of the compenents start with an order according to the offer based on final engineering.
  • 2. The product or compenents are made
  • 3. If there are more compenents the product is build together by MeltingTogether
  • 4. Documentation
  • 5. Testing the part or the machine according to our test report or agreed testing procedure. The following tests are carried out:
    • a. Visual inspection
    • d. Functional test

Final acceptance and shipment

  • 1. Possibility for customer to visit MeltingTogether for final acceptance
  • 2. Shipment of components