MeltingTogether overhauls any type of coil welder and all it’s separate assemblies. We supply parts for high-frequency wire welding machines. Below you will find a list of items we repair. If your part is not listed, please contact us and get free advice.

Complete coilwelder
Welding head
Overlap clamp
Pivot clamp
Strip centering
Carriage drive
Cooling system
Weld controller
Pneumatic Install
Hydraulic Install
Electrical install


Overhaul welding head

Overhaul of welding head complete with pneumatic gearbox for weld wheel drive.

  • 1. Customer faced many problems with breaking of the weld during the production process. This led to extra costs and high downtime.
  • 2. The welding process was not stable. While one weld was good, the next weld was poor (too cold).
  • 3. Problems came unexpectedly.
  • 1. We started an inspection. Checked the drawings and made right tolerances and alignments for the house of the weld head, the shaft and the silver contacts. And we selected the right materials.
  • 2. We carried out the mechanical overhaul and tested the welding head and gearbox on our testing facility.
  • 3. We installed the welding heads complete with pneumatic gearbox for weld wheel drive and started up production (important is the alignment in the line).
  • 4. We have recommended the customer a spare set of weld heads, and changing and overhauling it preventively every 12 or 18 months – to maintain the continuity and quality of the weld.

Overhaul pivot clamp

Complete overhaul of the pivot clamp of a Taylor Winfield coil welder

  • 1. The guidance was worn out. Because of this, the positioning of the strip was not guaranteed and as a result of this, the welds sometimes broke during the production process.
  • 2. The customer didn’t have an equal spare pivot clamp but he had a old pivot clamp of a AI Welder in his warehouse.
  • 1. MeltingTogether had the old AI Welder clamp of the customer and made an engineering to rebuild it for there Taylor Winfield coil welder.
  • 2. The complete overhaul – Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and new grease system was also carried out by MeltingTogether.
  • 3. We dismantled the existing clamp from the Taylor Winfield machine and installed in the overhauled clamp.
  • 4. Then we overhauled the clamp we took from the Taylor Winfield machine and we installed it in another coil welder of the customer.

PROCESS Overhaul


  • 1. The process starts with an inquiry of the customer.
  • 2. MeltingTogether reviews the inquiry and if needed asks for additional information. For example
    • a. Drawings
    • b. Specification of requirements (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, cooling, etc.)
    • c. What is the reason for overhaul (preventive, problem, innovation etc.):
  • 3. MeltingTogethers offers a price for inspection and if needed a price for making new drawings (if drawings are missing)
  • 4. If price for inspection is agreed the machine or part is send to MeltingTogether. Also order for inspection will be send by customer.
  • 5. Start inspection at MeltingTogether, this consist of the following steps:
    • a. Testing part or machine (status of arrival)
    • b. Dismantle and cleaning
    • c. Measurement of parts compared with drawing
    • d. Make drawings of parts of which the drawing is not available (if necessary)
  • 6. MeltingTogether makes inspection report. In this report the following information is provided:
    • a. Status of arrival
    • b. Findings with measurements and pictures
    • c. Possible innovations
    • d. Price and timeline for the overhaul
  • 7. Possibility for customer to visit MeltingTogether and look at the dismantled part and discuss the findings and innovations.
  • 8. MeltingTogether sends invoice for inspection costs


  • 1. The overhaul start with an order according to the inspection report for overhaul of the customer.
  • 2. Overhaul is carried out according to inspection report
  • 3. Testing the part or the machine according to our test report or agreed testing procedure. Items that are tested are:
    • a. Visual inspection
    • b. Functional test

Final acceptance and shipment

  • 1. Possibility for customer to visit MeltingTogether for final acceptance
  • 2.Shipment of parts or machine