We believe that de continuity and quality of de resistance seam weld can only be quaranteed if both MeltingTogehter and the customer are fully involved. Confidence and a shared responsibility are essential.


Welding Consultation

With a small team of specialists, MeltingTogether provides targeted and efficient service. Our Consultants and Technical engineers draw up a custom-made plan for your specific rolling seam welding process. In headlines we work as follows:

  • 1. MeltingTogether plans an interview with the responsible members of your team
  • 2. MeltingTogether visit during a daytime maintenance
  • 3. Make a evaluation with the responsible members of your team and share our findings
  • 4. MeltingTogether follows a procedure that consists of:
    • a. Measurement of the machine (what is status now)
    • b. Frequently maintenance
    • c. Frequently overhaul of components
    • d. Spare parts advice
    • e. Delivery of components
  • 5. We discuss te plan with the responsible members of your team, if agreed te support can start.


Consultancy service

Our goal is to work preventive. So make a plan (see consultancy) and following this. But of course there are unexpected disturbances in your production process also than you can rely on our support.

We help you from a distance or we plan a visit. In a real partnership we think it is important to share knowledge. Therefore we always help to provide the information you need to solve disturbances and daily maintenance yourself.

Cases Consultancy and support



  • 1. A new customer in the steel industry called us. They had cold welds and because of that high downtimes.
  • 2. Request was if we couldsupply an urgent overhaul of the welding heads complete with pneumatic gearbox for the weld wheel drive.
  • 1. Customer did send the components and the drawings to us with express shipment and confirmed the order.
  • 2. We dismantled the components, carried out inspection, and send a inspection report with the indication price for the overhaul to the costumer.
  • 3. Customer agreed us carrying out the overhaul within 5 days the line was up and running again.
  • 4. A visit was planned for evaluation and to speak about a consultancy route.
  • 5. The rest is history, consultancy was carried out and now the line is functioning without problems and accurate planned maintenance and support.
Consultancy servicev

  • 1. A drum maker customer had drumwelding machinesin his plant (Newcor, Britisch Federal and Mechatronic).
  • 2. They produced a lot of scrap and asked us to visit and make a plan
  • 1. We visited the customer and they told us, they had around 40% scrap. We analyzed the machines.
  • 2. We saw that the machines where heavily polluted. We advised to clean the machines and renew insulation, which reduced the scrap to 5%
  • 3. In the plan we made clear the key item was replacing wear parts. We delivered the wear parts and customer installed them. After that machines where running properly.